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Imaging Engine Tasks that apply a Dot Cleanup (Clean up dots in highlights option in the Post-RIP tab is enabled) fail with "PixelMachine.kErrorDotCleanupInvalidMindot X Y" (where X < Y).  


In the Imaging Engine ticket, in the Post-RIP tab, the Clean up dots in highlights option is enabled and a Minimum Dot Size is defined as X Pixels.

The logfile of the task contains:

EGRasterInterface.kDotCleanupMessage_MinDotSize Cyan Y
EGRasterInterface.kDotCleanupMessage_WSIMicrocellSurfaceScreening Cyan Y
PixelMachine.kErrorDotCleanupInvalidMindot X Y
EGRasterInterface.kNoOutputGeneratedForSurface 1 0
Worker-2:: Job: 1 Failed
Elapsed time to rip job: 180.537 seconds.
CPU time to rip job: 110.859 seconds.
Maximum Memory Usage: 1206.66 MB.
Controller:: Job failed
Please check the Imaging Engine logfiles.
Finished job has status Failed 

The Details of the task contain:

Dot clean-up parameter for Cyan: min dot size Y
Dot clean-up parameter for Cyan: WSI Microcell surface screening
DotCleanup error: The requested Minimum Dot Size (X pixels) cannot be used because it is different from the Minimum Dot Size in the used screens (Y Pixels).
No output generated for surface 0 of Job 1 


For HDFlexo or Full HDFlexo screens which use Highlights or a minimum dot size (Y), the selected Minimum Dot Size in the Dot Clean-Up (X) tool must be the minimum dot size for that screen (Y). For example, for an HDFlexo screen whose name contains 'C16' (Y), the Minimum Dot Size should be set to 16 pixels (X).

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