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I have an Epson WT7900, can I use it in combination with the Epson SpectroProofer?


The Epson SpectroProofer is supported with the following limitations:

  • From 16.0.2 onwards with the following hotfix:
  • From 16.1.1 by default without a hotfix.
  • Only the ILS20 is supported, not the ILS30.
  • The ILS20 is only supported by Pack Proof (Proof for Contract Approval), not by FlexProofE (Proof (FlexProof)).
  • Printing a verification report below the job is NOT supported.
  • One can only use the ILS20 for the Check & Recalibrate and Verification processes.
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Pack Proof all versions

FlexRipProof all versions



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