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Useful links

  • If you have questions on purchasing, renewing, cancelling or paying your subscription, you can check out the FAQ of our Online Store.
  • If you're new to Esko licensing, you can check out the introduction:

Prerequisites - What do you need, to assign and unassign your subscriptions?

(tick) An Esko ID (account with your e-mail address) with 'License Admin' role, so you can access

  • The person who ordered the subscriptions (and who also receives all e-mails) automatically becomes the 'License Admin'.
  • If you don't have access, you can go to the Manage Esko ID portal and ask your Organization Owner to assign the License Admin role to you.

(tick) An order with one or more active subscriptions

How to assign a subscription?

  1. Go to > Unassigned subscriptions.
  2. Select the product and click Assign.
  3. Fill in the e-mail address of the user, (you can add a comment if you want) and click Assign.
  4. The user will receive an e-mail with the download link, and you will see that this user is added to the Assigned subscriptions view.

Users don't need an Esko ID before assigning a subscription

A user will need an Esko ID to start using the software, but you can perfectly assign subscriptions to users that don't have an Esko ID yet. In that case the invitation e-mail will also contain the instructions to create one.

This Esko ID is automatically linked to the same Company Code as you and the user doesn't need to confirm his Esko ID anymore.

How to unassign a subscription?

  1. Go to > Assigned subscriptions.
  2. Select the user and click Unassign.
  3. The user will receive an e-mail that his subscription is unassigned, and the subscription will be automatically removed from the user's computer.

You can immediately assign the subscription to another user (you don't need to wait until the subscription is removed from the user's computer).

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