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This article answers the following questions:

  • What to do when your Esko ID expires?
  • How do I know my Esko ID has expired?
  • How can I extend my Esko ID once its temporary approval has expired?


Once your Esko ID has expired you can no longer log in, and you get the following warning:

You now have two options:

  • Click the Extend My Esko ID link to request extension of your Esko ID access.
  • Create a new Esko ID using your corporate e-mail address instead of a public one (i.e. do not use, or similar e-mail addresses).

Use your corporate e-mail address when you register your Esko ID. In many cases this will allow us to automatically approve your Esko ID, so that you will get your confirmation e-mail immediately - no manual review step required!

If you used a corporate e-mail address and your account expired anyway, ask your administrator to verify if all corporate e-mail domains have white-listed in the Esko ID Settings on This will prevent the problem from reoccurring.

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