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When I try to view my Collada model in the Collada Viewer on WebCenter 16.1.1, I get the following error message:

"An unknown error occurred. Try your action again, if the problem persists contact your administrator"


When I try to view a Collada file in the 3D Viewer on WebCenter 16.1.1 or earlier, I almost instantly get the following error message:


The error is triggered because of a special character in the file name of the Collada, i.e., when the file uses a "." in its name, the Collada Viewer will not be able to view it.

This issue is resolved in the Collada Viewer in WebCenter 18 or newer.


Rename your Collada model to something without any "." in the file name, re-upload and try to open it again.

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WebCenter 16.1.1 and older

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