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Can I stretch a panel with a bar code?


 Yes, with limitations.

Bar codes are added to ArtiosCAD via the Dynamic Art tool.  The intrinsic elements of Dynamic Art bar codes include Dynamic Art lines, text and images, as described in the  following image:


By design, when using the Stretch by Polygon tool  images do not stretch nor move. As the bar code has an image, it will neither stretch nor move. This is to preserve the integrity of the image and prevent an inadvertent change to the image quality during a structural change. ArtiosCAD will not move the image during the use of the Stretch by Polygon tool, as the tool does not know the designer's true intent.

The bar code header being text and the Dynamic Art lines being lines, will stretch. It is best to place the bar code when the structure is in its final form or ensure the bar code elements are not included in the polygon.
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