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For re-boards installed by ArtiosCAD Standard and Enterprise editions, prior to 18, the outside and inside texture images were shipped in reverse order.  The outside texture was specified in the the inside field and vice versa.


ArtiosCAD 18 has corrected this issue, such that the outside texture is in the outside field and the inside texture is in the inside field. The ArtiosCAD installation will overwrite the ArtiosCAD-supplied re-board definitions.

3D designs created in ArtiosCAD 18 will have the proper textures on the appropriate side.

As the board information is stored in the 3D file, existing 3D designs will still have the textures on the opposite side. To correct this, reset the board in the 3D file and re-save the 3D design.

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ArtiosCAD Standard 18.0,

ArtiosCAD Enterprise 18.0

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