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Where are the resources (cms, marks, fonts...) located for my i-cut Layout / PackEdge /Plato application?


When we talk about resources, we mean common data resources used in the file:

  • Color Engine Databases (cms, where the color data is stored, e.g.: ink books (Pantone inks, designer inks etc.)) - bg_data_cms_v010 folder
  • Marks (containing SmartMark sets and the SmartMark scripts, etc.) - bg_data_marks_v010 folder
  • Fonts (both system and custom fonts) - bg_data_fonts_v040 folder
  • Custom data saved by the customer - e.g.: plate size, tiling templates etc. - bg_data_custom_v010 folder
  • DGC (dot gain curves) - bg_data_dgc_v010 folder

The location of the data resources can be defined in Application Preferences:
Edit > Preferences >Server&Resources.

There are three levels of resources:

  1. Central Data Resources (on the Automation Engine Server or on a central file server). Typically, in \\AE-server-name, you will see the shared resource folders.
  2. Local Data Resources (locally on the computer where your editor is running). Typically, in C:\Esko, you will see the resource folders.
  3. Application embedded Data Resources
    • for i-cut layout: installed inside bg_data_signup_v010 or bg_prog_signup_vxxx (depends on the versions) folder
    • for PackEdge/Plato: installed inside bg_data_packedge_v010 or bg_prog_packedge_vxxx (depends on the version) folder.

The central and local data resources get installed through the 'common data components' kits, the embedded data resources are automatically installed with the PackEdge/Plato and i-cut Layout product installers.

Installing the 'common data components' has the advantage that the data resource folders can easily be shared between multiple workstations (one central system installs these data kits and the other workstations refer to them - see 1 in the above list). The embedded data resources act as a fall back so that the editors have the required data resources (in particular cms and fonts) in order to run.

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