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How to do batch exports to the cloud in Cape 16.1.2 and newer?


  1. In the Front Menu, click Programs > Other Programs > Batch Export - Send to Cloud.
  2. The Batch - Send to Cloud menu opens. 
  3. Click the Batch Export - Send to Cloud button and select the group of files to upload to the cloud.
  4. Click Open and the initial file uploading process will start. A window appears asking if the user wants to update linked solutions or create new solutions. This means it'll overwrite the files with the same name. 
  5. After making the decision, log into the Cape Cloud using the Esko ID. 
  6. The "Batch 'Send to Cloud' completed!" message appears.
  7. When logging into the Cape Cloud, the uploaded files will appear. If they were overwritten, the date updated is the upload date and not the analysis date. 

Any upload issues with the network due to proxies can be adjusted in the Edit Cape Pack Cloud Settings menu. The user can also specify the cloud server name and whether to create a log.

Any failures with uploading will be logged and the user is informed about the issue.

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