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Even after updating Automation Engine Pilot on Mac, the question comes back the next time you start of the Pilot.


After updating Automation Engine Pilot on Mac, the question of updating comes back the next start of the Pilot.

In the Pilot log, the message is visible:

Software Update 10:34:36,659 [SwingWorker-pool-2-thread-1] Checking for updates...
22 Jan 10:34:36 - Login->BGFree
22 Jan 10:34:36 - Software Update 10:34:36,663 [SwingWorker-pool-2-thread-1] Check Updates Servlet URL: http


    1. Uninstall Automation Engine Pilot 16.x by removing the folder Automation Engine Pilot 16.x in Applications.
    2. Install the  Automation Engine Pilot  with JRE8.

      1. Default Pilot download in 16.0.x is JRE6

      2. Press the Alt key when you hover over the download icon. The icon will change to Download (JRE8).

        Default Pilot download in 16.1.x is JRE8, ALT is not needed!

    3. Open Pilot > Login and "Install Update" when asked.

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 Automation Engine 16.x on Mac

Created 22-Jun-18
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Author HG
Case Number 01020959, 01018560