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Sometimes the Proof Server doesn't start-up due to missing licenses.

In such a case you will get the following error messages:

In the Send to Proof Server log: "Job cannot be processed, missing input license Job has errors".

In the Proof Server log: "Job cannot be processed, missing input license".

This KB describes how to troubleshoot this situation.


  1. Stop the Proof Server using either of the methods:

    • Right click the green Proof Server icon in the System Tray and click Stop Esko Proof Server.

    • Stop the Esko Proof Server service via:

      1. CTRL+ALT+DEL > Task Manager > Services.

      2. Right click the Esko Proof Server service and choose Stop.

  2. Add the debuglevel key as described in this KB:
  3. Locate the Proof Server executable:

    1. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.

    2. Double click the Esko Proof Server service. The patch will be displayed in the General tab.

  4. Right click the Esko_Proof_Server.exe file and choose Run as administrator.

  5. A DOS window will open.

  6. License requests during the start-up phase are displayed in the DOS window.

    Proof Server licenses

    The following licenses are requested and required by the Proof Server:

    • XFServerWin32 (Proof Server for Windows)
    • XFClientOption (Proof Client for Mac or Windows)

    • XFInputOptionProduction (PDF, TIFF and JPG input on Proof Server)

    • XFInputOptionRemote (Input of Remote Proof Packages)

    • XFControlStripOption (Fogra, IDEAlliance and other Proof Control strips)

    • XFOutputOptionM-XXL (Output to one, size independent, Proofing Device)

    • XFVerifierOption (Proof Verification and Certification)
  7. Note that the Proof Server might also request licenses which are not required by the Esko flavor of the Proof Server.

    Here is an example:

    ---Enter LM_GetFeatureAttr_h
    ---vor LM_Setup XFColorManagementGUIOption
    flex_numberlicenses returned -1
    Error --> no license

  8. Analyze the license requests:

    1. When a license is allocated you will see the "Got license!" message.

    2. When no license is allocated you will see the "Error → No license" message.

Copy the content of the DOS window and share it with R&D if you need assistance.
Also share the FLX ticket: "C:\ProgramData\Esko\Proof\Server\Tickets\FLX_0000.xml"

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