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Esko recently introduced the Manage Esko ID self-service management platform at - where you can manage all the Esko IDs linked to your company. By doing so this renders the concept of ‘temporary approval’ obsolete.

What will change on September 14th?

Esko IT will remove the temporary approval from all existing Esko ID accounts, and remove the feature from Esko ID websites completely.


Temporary approvals no longer serve a clear goal since we introduced the self service management of Esko IDs via, and the expired Esko IDs cause real problems for our subscription customers.

As a result, a decision was made to stop making temporary approvals, and to approve all Esko IDs permanently going forward.

This policy also applies to Esko IDs that are not (yet) linked to a company code, such as trial Esko IDs. We will also approve these permanently going forward.

Do note that requests to link an Esko ID to a company code are also properly verified by the Esko ID Support team with the company to which the Esko ID would be linked in the future.

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