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You may see the error message "A fatal error occurred during adaptation of the registry", when you click the Apply button in Network License Manager > Tools > License Client Configuration.


This error may occur on Windows 10 and similar, no matter if you are logged in using the Administrative account or non-Administrative account, you will notice this error message. The registry will not be updated (this is the actual error message), and the environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE will not be updated either. The remainder of the installation procedure, when the Network License Manager was launched in a DVD installer script, will not use the name of the License server computer.


This will be fixed in the future version of Network License Manager for version 18.0.2.


There is a workaround for this issue, by launching the Network License Manager as Administrator. You can follow this procedure:

  1. Find the shortcut to the "Network License Manager" in the Start menu.
  2. Right click and select More in the contextual menu, click "Run as administrator".
  3. A User Account Control dialog is shown, which asks you for confirmation: "Do you want this application to make changes to your device?". 
  4. If you run the program from a non Administrative account, a dialog will ask you to enter the administrator password.
  5. When the program is launched, the error message will not pop up anymore.
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 Network License Manager

Created 05-Nov-18
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Author BAV
Case Number CAL-705