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WebCenter 16.1.1 Task Specification/Attribute value disappears after proceed to fill other value(s) followed by Enter or Return key.


Where commonly the Tab key or mouse is used to affect the Specification or Attribute field being affected by the cursor, the user might mistakenly press Enter or Return key expecting the same result.

As it behaves now, when using Internet Explorer and pressing Enter or Return key, the user may not realize any Specification or Attribute has been affected to have it's value removed before continuing to fill the form; this may lead to subsequent error or unexpected results. This primarily affects Microsoft Internet Explorer and possibly MacOS Safari.

If using FireFox or Chrome and proceed to press Enter/Return key, the message "Do you want to leave this site?" may appear and so allow the user to understand they have sidestepped.

In this case, answer 'No', then instead key a Tab or use the mouse to affect where the cursor goes next before using the Complete or Save button of the Specification or Attribute form.

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Applies to

WebCenter 16.1.1

Last revised 
Case Number CS00975192

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