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Fixes for various PCW/Curve Pilot problems.


  • Generating LEN test chart for Flexibles 136lpi gives error.
  • After changing a TSD file in ScreenManager, Transition point objects are wrong.
  • PCW - An imported PC refers to original Pressync (Imaging Engine ticket) in case PC already exists at import.
  • Pressync 'Adjust' removes a spot ink, if added after the PCW creation.
  • PCW - Choosing Fogra51 as standard, crashes at curve set creation.
  • PCW - Import fails to match/re-create the screen used.
  • PCW - Fix Flexibles TP object in layout.

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For installation instructions and to download the hotfix, go to



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Applies to

 Curve Pilot 18.0.1



Last revised 
Case Number CAL-838

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