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From the Esko Software Platform April 2017 Release onwards, it is possible to activate multiple processing channels in the Esko Proof Server. The default installation will have the number of channels set to 1 (same as the standard behavior in the previous versions). The maximum is 4.


  1. The Proof Server system has to comply to the new minimum system requirements:
  2. The Proof Server system needs at least 4GB RAM per processing channel. When you have 8GB RAM and set the number of channels to 3 or 4, the software will automatically reduce that to two instances.


In the Esko Proof Client System Manager view, go to Tools > System Information.

Then, you will be able to change the Number of Adobe PDF Print engines setting:

Once this is changed, you need to restart the Proof Server and the new number of processing channels will be active.

Example below shows the Esko Proof Client Job Explorer connected to a Proof Server with 4 channels active:

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