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WebCenter can be configured in such a way that, based on events (user uploading a document, approval cycle that is finished, document that gets rejected), WebCenter outputs a JDF ticket to a hotfolder containing the details of the event. This JDF ticket can be used by other systems to update information based on the content of the JDF ticket. 

In WebCenter 18.0, a change has been done where ALL events write to a single JDF ticket. This JDF ticket has version ID as the document name. So when multiple events are completed, only one ticket will be written on the output folder. The ticket will overwrite the existing JDF ticket that might reside in the output folder. The JDF ticket will only contain information about the latest event. 

This poses a problem as information might get lost. For example, if you want to know the details about a submitted approval and a finished approval cycle, you will only get one ticket and this ticket will contain information about either the submitted approval event, or the finished approval cycle event. 


You have configured WebCenter to output events on certain events. For example, user submitted approval and the approval is finished. You will get only one JDF ticket when the user submitted his approval and when the approval cycle ends. 


As of WebCenter 18.1, you can enable a database switch so that WebCenter will generate one JDF ticket per event. Doing so, information about different events will be available in different JDF files. 

Steps to set up the database switch:

  1. Log in as an admin user to WebCenter
  2. Execute the following URL 
    http://<webcenter server>/WebCenter_Inst/siteconfig.jsp?sitedefaults=1&logfiles=0&key=WC_JDF_SPLIT_PER_EVENT&value=1 

    This will enable the database switch.

    Note that you can only create the database row with its values in this method. If you want to change the settings afterwards, you need to execute the following database query on the WebCenter database.

      update webcenter.Profile_Defaults set value = 1 where DefaultName = 'WC_JDF_SPLIT_PER_EVENT' 

    Value 1: enables the setting.
    Value 0: disables the setting.

  3. After updating the database value, restart the application server. 
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