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When trying to upload a file with calculated attributes from ArtiosCAD Enterprise to WebCenter, an error is shown.


This is both detectable from within WebCenter itself and ArtiosCAD Enterprise client.

ArtiosCAD Enterprise:

  • Assign an attribute category with calculated attributes to the document 
  • Try to submit the document to WebCenter
  • The file will be uploaded to WebCenter, however after the upload an error will be shown. The value of the calculated attributes will be empty 


  • Create an attribute category with calculated attributes 
  • Assign that attribute category as the default attribute category for ArtiosCAD files in WebCenter
  • Upload an ArtiosCAD document
  • The document upload will fail with an error related to calculated attributes. 


This issue can be solved by installing the CADX user ArtiosCAD shared defaults from the DVD. 

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 WebCenter 18.1



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