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As a user, I want to be able to directly select a document from a document search from within the project creation form. This way I can quickly find the documents I need for a reorder.


In the custom form extension add the following script:

"your id of the button" needs to be updated with the id of the document source button in the form.

Custom-form extension
/*update your id with the element id of document source button in the form.
clickButton : Function() {
	document.getElementById("your id of the button").click();
	return true;


In the project creation form, add a javascript button that will be executed on load. The button should contain the following code:

Javascript button
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WebCenter 18.1



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  1. This may not work on some browsers. eg. Chrome or Chromium based browsers can cause an issue related to developer tools element inspector. Closing Dev Tools and clear cache may help in this case.