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Can I use native characters for StyleMaker variables?



Variables are added via StyleMaker when an ARD is opened and the user navigates to Design > Stylemaker and selects Variables > Add.

Variable name characters

The characters must be in the range of a-z. A-Z, 0-9 and $ for all languages. Native characters can not be used.

This has always been, and still is, the case for all versions of ArtiosCAD and will not change in the future.

Always use characters in the specified range regardless of language.

18.1 w/ Unicode support

With ArtiosCAD 18.1, unicode/UTF-8 support was added to allow all characters from all languages to be preserved. 18.1 appears to allow native characters to be used.

But they cannot be used. Previous ArtiosCAD versions would do an upfront check to ensure the user could not type native characters. 

A follow up to 18.1 will offer a better User Experience to ensure the user knows what characters can be used for variable names.

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