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When trying to launch a trap task for any file using PowerTrapper Client on macOS, the task fails.


Open any file in Adobe® Illustrator® and try to launch a trap task, the task fails with the following error:

BSCLIENT (ERROR): Exception 13BG_EException on line 1 file on thread CltHndr_XXX.XX.XX.XX_Adobe Illustrator-2200_5389
BSCLIENT (ERROR): java.lang.Exception: Queue not configured for task batchbrix.aitraptask

Adobe® Illustrator® and the Shuttle connections to the Automation Engine server are however configured correctly.

Other workstations can launch trap tasks with no issues.


  1. Close Adobe® Illustrator®.
  2. On Mac, go to: System Preferences > Sharing.
  3. Check the Computer Name for any non-alpha numeric characters any where in the name or spaces either at the beginning or end of the name.
  4. Remove any if found.
  5. Reboot the Mac.
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