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How to move the Automation Engine setup to a new server?


Follow the steps given below to move Automation Engine to new a hardware/ virtual server.

On the old server:

  1. In Server Admin, select Backup and Make a backup now.
  2. Select Configuration, Resources, Databases.
  3. If you custom received upgrade licenses, these must be activated on the old server!
  4. Deactivate the license.

On the new server:

A Choose the installation standard or with remote SQL server

  • Install the system controller

  • Activate the deactivated licenses
  • Install the prerequisites
  • Install Automation Engine

B. Restore the Automation Engine configuration

  1. Copy the backup files from the old server to the new server to:
  2. Open a browser, download and install Pilot.
  3. Restore backup:

    1. Go to Server Admin, select Restore and select the folder where the backup of the old server was stored (Drive:\backup\computername).

    2. Select Migrate (this will restore tickets, SmartNames, Users, Devices, Containers, local Databases or if remote SQL Server database was used, it will use that configuration).

The old Automation Engine Server must be stopped only when doing the restore!

C. Containers

Containers of old server are restored when Migrate is used to the restore on the new server!

If the container is on a file server, nothing must be done if the same file server is used!

If the container was on a Share of the old Automation Engine Server:

  1. Make a new container on the new Automation Engine Server which will be a replacement of the container on the old Automation Engine Server.
    1. Copy the data of old container to the new one`+++
  2. Stop the sharing of the container on the old server.

    Relocate container only works if it is offline!

  3. Do Relocate Container, this will update the jobs URL in the database.

D. External files

If the PDF files contain external files:

  • Image marks.

  • ct’s that are in another jobfolder.

The Normalized PDF files use absolute paths to the external file that are hard code written in the file!

To solve this follow this KB article

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