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Is it possible to measure the ToneScale and Mindot layout on a PC where Print Control Wizard is not installed or doesn’t have real access to the Automation Engine server?

For e.g. on the ToneScale ControlStrip, you can load another layout file (see below screenshot).

But that's not possible for the Mindot layout.

Is this Mindot layout file available?


The Mindot layout is not available. It's a specific layout created by the Print Control Wizard. 

In the 18.x versions, you need to install the Print Control Wizard on the PC connected the i1/iO, and you need connection to the Automation Engine server.

For the newer versions where Printing Conditions are included in the Color Pilot v20, you will be able to work locally (connection to Automation Engine server will no longer be required). Later you will have to export and import the Printing Condition on another workstation.

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