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WebCenter 18.1 SDK Upload Document MS Office Doc/Docx formats fails WebCenter Check & Register since this attempts the common Prepare for Viewing instead of the ViewGeneration ticket configured to customizationConfig.xml for .doc/.docx.


Automation Engine 18.1 Integrate with WebCenter (SDK) > Upload DOC/DOCX using either Doc Type option 'Auto Detect' or 'Other' has both put to OBGE's Prepare for Viewing instead of the expected MSOffice_to_SVG (workflow), and so fail Check & Register.

Task Details:

Launched task 95d37bb2-45a9-408f-a757-f648d134e96c on server CSVMAE1810

Processing '…The file type of …\FileStore\documents\000000\ed1874220a1f9d256e8e78dfde5c149c.docx' is unknown. The file is either damaged or not supported

Task(s) failed.

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Applies to

 WebCenter 18.1.1



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Case Number CS01220748

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