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Cutting Paths in LEN file are not shown or shown with wrong dimensions in BitMapViewer. Similar behavior in the Merger software requires an update to DFS 18.1.


  1. Viewing a LEN file in Bitmap Viewer and selecting the 'CAD' component will show the staggered cut line to be much larger than the artwork it is linked to. LEN files containing staggered cutting CAD lines, sourced from Plato 18.0 files, do not show the CAD line to correct scale when viewed in Bitmap Viewer. CAD line appears around 10x times larger in dimension than expected.
  2. A PDFPLA in Plato 18.0 (b16748 (25Juni2018)) gives issues after ripping to LEN files with the Imaging Engine ticket. The Staggered Cut is not longer available in the file. The Staggered Cut is not longer visible when viewing in the bitmap viewer and the merger software. When re-saving the PDFPLA in Plato 16.1.0, the staggered cut will be kept after ripping on the Imaging Engine and viewing in the Bitmap Viewer and merger software.

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Imaging Engine 18.0



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