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How to configure  Automation Engine backup to a remote computer/file server?


  1. Open Server Admin.
  2. Open System Account tab.
  3. Make a Share on the remote computer with full access rights for the user configured for the System account.

    Can be a local user or a domain user!

  4. Open the Backup tab.
  5. Click the lock to login with a user with Administrative privileges.
  6. Enter the UNC path in the Backup folder and click Apply.

    Browsing is not possible on network shares!

  8. Check if files are written in the remote share.

    To enable SQL backup on a network Share, the SQL Server Instance must be running with the System Account!
  9. Go to Services and select the SQL Server instance, default is MSSQLSERVER.
  10. Go to the Log On tab and set the user to System Account user.
  11. Click Browse. In the Windows Security dialog that opens, enter the user credentials.
  13. In the From this location field, enter the local computer name if the local System account is used or the domain name if a domain user is used.
  14. Click Check Names.

  15. Enter the password in the Password/Confirm password field.

  16. Click OK.
  17. Reboot server. Or,
    1. Stop the Automation Engine.
    2. Stop the SQL Server instance.
    3. Start the SQL Server instance.
    4. Start the Automation Engine.
  18. Make a backup of Configuration, Resources and Databases.
  19. Check on the file server, if the database backup files are made.

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