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What is the tear off tag SmartMark ?


The tear off tag SmartMark is an optional SmartMark (**) that allows to add removable tags to the cut paths of 1 up graphics.

** See:

The SmartMark can be used in i-cut Layout (graphic view) or in an Automation Engine task that operates on 1up graphics (fi Add SmartMarks / Prepare Graphic for nesting).

This is an example of a tear off tag:  

 It contains an extension of the original cut path, some text and a connection segment where it is attached to the original graphic.

Options of this SmartMark

Tag tab

The Tag tab defines the dimensions and the shape of the tag.

When the tag is attached to an irregular shaped cut path, the height defines the offset of the cut path and the width defines the length of the segment where the tag is attached to the cut path.

The shape of the tag can either be rectangular (where the edges are perpendicular on the cut path), rectangular with rounded corners or elliptical.

Text tab

The text tab defines the text that will be placed inside the tag.

The text content and appearance can be specified in the same way as in the textmark SmartMark. In case of irregular shaped cut paths, the text is placed along the cut path.

Colors tab

The colors tab defines the color of the text inside the tag and it defines how the segment where the tag is attached to the original cut path is colored.

The color of the text can either specified as ink by name or by number (same controls as in other SmartMarks).

The connection line between the tear off tag and the original graphic/cut path can be constructed in 2 ways:

  • keep the same color as in the original cut path but add nicks. 
  • assign a dedicated color to the connection segment 

When selecting to add nicks, the result will be a dashing sequence of cuts and nicks, where the length of both can be specified. 

When selecting a dedicated color, this allows to map the connection segment to a dedicated cutting tool (ex kiss cut instead of through cut).

Position tab

The position tab allows to control where the tear off tag will be added to the original cut path.

The main control is the angle to define the position of the center point of the tear off tag (same control as in the 'text on cut path' SmartMark).

Optionally, in case the cut path consists of one or more vertical or horizontal sides (fi a rectangle or rectangle with round corners), it is possible to align the tag on one of these sides. If no straight line segment at the selected side is found, the angle definition of the main control will be used.

Extra notes:

When attaching other SmartMarks to this 'tear off tag' SmartMark, the marks will be attached to the text part (rather than the complete mark) - this allows for instance to place a datamatrix bar code inside the tear off tag.

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