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With version 20, Esko modernized its user authentication method and this is impacting the backwards compatibility with our Graphical Editors.

Why did we do this?

To upgrade Esko software security to modern standards.

A drawback:

Graphic editors up to version 18.1 (DeskPack, ArtPro+, PackEdge, Plato, ArtPro, i-cut Layout) are not equipped with modern authentication technology and will not be able to connect to Automation Engine 20, so will not be able to:

  • use central resources
  • use Jobs and Products
  • launch workflows from within the editor

Graphic editors version 20 can still connect to Automation Engine 18.x.

File interchange between versions is compatible in both directions.


Editors 18.1 or lower (*)

Editors 20.0

Automation Engine 18.x

OK (tick)

OK (tick)

Automation Engine 20.0

not supported (error)

OK (tick)

(*) Limited by our End Of Life policy:
There is a three year maintenance window during which bug fixes and support are guaranteed. This is followed by a two year window period in which technical support is still guaranteed, but new bug fixes will no longer be done.

The following article regarding Classic Editors changes might also interest you;

KB289711377: Classic Editors version 20: Upgrading ArtPro or PackEdge to version 20

Article information
Applies to

DeskPack 18.1 or older

ArtPro+ 18.1 or older

PackEdge 18.1 or older

Plato 18.1 or older

ArtPro 18.1 or older

i-cut Layout 18.1 or older



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