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This method is a way to add a holding area for help topics. It's not intended as a CMS, but a way to provide a sequestered area for help materials.

  • Users can access the Help area from the ACL menu
  • Users search, browse, view and download help assets


  1. Create an /Index/Help/ folder
    1. Populate with help assets.
  2. Make new fields in a schema. Often, an "Administrative" schema is used:
    1. "Help Material" (checkbox), this will identify assets as help assets
    2. "Help Topic" (csv field) this will categorize the assets
    3. You might add more fields for other categorization or make "Help Topic" hierarchical for more organization
  3. Create a "Help" Group and "Help" ACL within it
    1. Prevent view of anything but help assets
      1. Root Folder will be "/Index/Help"
      2. Add a search filter for ("Help Material" IS NOT NULL)
    2. Prevent all actions but search and download
      1. Most permissions will be off, except for High Res and Quick Download
      2. No metaform tabs will be available
  4. Populate all the assets with appropriate Help Topic keywords
  5. Create a single "Help" workspace for the "Help" ACL
    1. Add a search filter to the workspace with the "Help Topic" field and any other relevant ones.
    2. You may also wish to add a HTML widget with explanatory text as well.
  6. Alter existing configuraton to accommodate
    1. Add/remove new field as necessary to existing metaforms
    2. Add all users to the Help Group
    3. Alter all other preexisting ACLs
      1. Search Filters: Add the following to existing search filters; ("Help Material" IS NULL)
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