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How to change the MediaBeacon login box to prompt for an email address instead of a username.


  1. Insert the following verbiage into the file located in the Appdata/Local/MediaBeacon folder.

    username=E-mail Address

  2. Once in place, restart MediaBeacon.

  3. If using a webhead, create the path “C:\Users\<Windows OS account that runs Tomcat>\AppData\Local\MediaBeacon” and place the ‘’ file in there as well.

    The Tomcat Windows service might need to be reconfigured to not run as ‘Local System’ - but instead as a standard ‘Administrator’ type Windows OS account. 

    If using other languages, the associated property would be as follows:

    1. German:

    2. Spanish:
    3. French:
    4. Italian:
    5. Japanese:
    6. Portuguese:
    7. Chinese:
    8. Taiwanese:
  4. The end users should now see the login screen that prompts for E-Mail Address, as shown above. If old values persist, instruct users to clear their browser cache.

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MediaBeacon 7.x and newer



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