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Using multiple Windows user accounts to install and run MediaBeacon software can lead to a variety of issues. These range from the core software being unable to start up to assets being inaccessible by MediaBeacon.

This scenario is most encountered in on-premise environments where multiple accounts are provisioned and used for installation. When Windows user accounts are created for MediaBeacon staff, in order to facilitate installation or to run MediaBeacon software, special attention needs to be paid to the accounts used to install and configure MediaBeacon software.


It is considered best practice to create a new administrator level Windows user account prior to MediaBeacon software installations to handle both the installation process and ongoing application management.

If using Windows user accounts to install MediaBeacon software, a single account must be used for all server installations. This user will also need to have Administrator rights on all environments to ensure that the installed software can properly access Windows file systems.

Once the software is installed and configured, the same account that was used for installation must be used to run the MediaBeacon applications or services.

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MediaBeacon 8.5 and newer



Last revised2020-07-30 
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