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Note, for Windows, substitute ⌘ with "Control"

Keyboard Shortcuts

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Key Commands


Display Keyboard Shortcuts   Shift + ?
Clear Selected Assets    ⌘ + Shift + x
Delete Selected Assets (with confirmation)   ⌘ + Backspace
Download Selected Assets (QuickDownload for a single asset)⌘ + d
Highlight Neighbor AssetArrow Keys
Open/Close Selected AssetSpacebar
Quick Search⌘ + Shift + f
Select All Assets⌘ + a
Add Selected Assets to the Cart⌘ + s
View Selected Assets⌘ + Shift + v
Zoom In/Out of the Tile Component⌘ + Alt + Up/Down Keys


Show/Hide Bulk Edit Selection Dialog⌘ + b
Close DialogEscape
Show/Hide Copy/Move Selection Dialog⌘ + Shift + c

Administration Shortcuts 

Show/Hide Theme Manager Dialog⌘ + jv19.x
Show/Hide Admin Mode⌘ + Shift + a
Show/ide Workspace Manager Dialog⌘ + m

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MediaBeacon 18.x through 2x.x



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