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Multiple WebCenter 20.0 Search and Inline Editing related issues.


  • Saved Search block with SmartNames in Dashboard does not work: Saved Search block in Dashboards sometimes shows results from a previous project that the user navigated to. SmartNames in the Search in the Dashboard do not adapt to the new project.
  • Save to Excel shows error when "task assignee" or "pending approvers" fields have options configured. After configuring some "gear icon" options on the Task Search Setup page for the "Task Assignee" or on the Document Search Setup page for the "Pending Approvers" field, the Searches will no longer Export to Excel. When exporting, the following error is shown: "The following error occurred in java.lang.ClassCastException".
  • Selecting user from group for Inline Editing of Task Assignee shows wrong message. When selecting a user from a group while inline editing a Task Assignee (in Search or Dashboards), a wrong message is shown asking: "Do you want to add this User as a User representative of the Group …". This message should only appear when assigning members to a Role, not for individual task assignee.

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