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This article describes how to make a contract proof with the new CT driver for the SureColor P75x0 and P95x0 model.


Installation and evaluation of generic Esko EPL files

The use of a generic Esko EPL file is mandatory to make a contract proof!
Please consult the KB below to find out which generic Esko EPL you need and how you can make them available in the proof client.

KB185615059: FlexProofE, Pack Proof - How to install and use generic Esko EPL files?

Generic Esko EPL files are superior because they are customized with R&D tools and result in a better proof (due to the more uniform color space) compared to an EPL created either by EFI or manually.

Proofer Profile, Device Link and Strategy Creation

  1. Start the Color Engine Pilot v21.07

    Version 21.0x of Color Pilot is required as older versions aren't compatible with the new v20 Esko Proof Server. The v20 Esko Proof Server is also the first version containing a CT driver for the Epson SC-P75x0 / SC-P95x0.
  2. Click the Proofers icon in the navigation pane.
  3. Select the Epson SC-P75x0 / SC-P95x0 proofer.

    Note: Proofer devices are created in the Fiery Command Workstation! This KB explains how to create a proofer device (=media):
    KB185615059: FlexProofE, Pack Proof - How to install and use generic Esko EPL files?

  4. Click the Set Profile icon in the bottom tool bar.
  5. Select the Create a new profile option and click the OK button.

    Color Pilot will automatically select the best overprint charts for you. If you have a choice, then this is because of wrong preferences. You can reset the preferences by following these steps:

    1. Edit > Preferences > Extra.
    2. Disable the "Enable overprint chart selection when creating a proofer profile" option.
  6. Proof and measure the charts (don't forget to perform a nozzle check and print head alignment).
  7. Evaluate the measurements and if needed repair bad patches (use the Find and Repair Bad Measurements... function to automatically repair bad patches).
  8. Give the profile a name and click the Next button.
  9. Select a Press Profile and select the Rendering Intent Absolute Colorimetric.
  10. Click the Next button to start the calculation of the Color Strategy.
  11. Click the Finish button to close the Creator Profile wizard.
  12. Open the Proofing Color Strategy.
  13. Go to the Match Colors section and select the Interpolate Solid Conversion choice for the Tint Behavior for Unprofiled Inks option.
  14. Click the Save and Close button to save the changes.
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