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Dashboards in WebCenter comes with a new powerful scripting API.

In the scripting editor there is good auto-complete allowing you to find out the available scripting API right from the editor. More general details on how scripting works can also be found by clicking on the help balloon in the scripting editor.

Sometimes, however, you might want the whole API description and documentation in a single PDF document. That API document is available in this KB article and will be updated for different releases of WebCenter.


The full API documentation for Dashboards can be downloaded here:

VersionFull API documentation (pdf)Full API documentation (interactive html)
WebCenter 21.07DashboardScriptingAPI_21.07.pdf

WebCenter 21.11

WebCenter 22.03DashboardScriptingAPI_22.03.pdf

WebCenter 22.07
WebCenter 22.11

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WebCenter 21.07 and later



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