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What components and versions do I need to set up Plate ID workflows?


Plate ID is one of the features of Flexo Engine. Flexo Engine is an option on top of Automation Engine since Esko Software 21.11.

In version 21.11, Plate ID support is limited to the following:

  • XPS only 
  • U-Fold and Z-Fold optics
  • 2540 and 4000 dpi
  • Plates with thicknesses equal to or lower than 2.84 mm
  • Only for Plate ID objects that consist of text
  • Only for LENX output 

To set up Plate ID for version 21.11, you need the following software components and minimal versions:

ComponentMinimal versionWorkflow step(s)More info
Grapholas 20.1.5

Plate ID licensing

The Plate ID license needs to be activated in this component to enable the selection of the Plate ID patterns in the DFS Merger.

DFS 20.1 User guide
DFS Manual Merger20.1.4

Plate ID pattern configuration

Allows to select the correct Plate ID pattern per plate and resolution.


Job and Plate ID Dynamic Mark Set creation

  • Creation of Plate ID content in PDF files.
  • Creation of Plate ID Dynamic Mark sets. 
ArtPro+ documentation
Automation Engine21.11

Pre-RIP phase

  • Adding of Plate ID Dynamic Mark Sets can be done by the following tasks:
    • Step & Repeat CAD based (Dynamic)
    • Step & Repeat Tabular (Dynamic)
    • Step & Repeat Template based (Dynamic)

Post-RIP phase: 

  • The Apply Plate ID to LENX file task inserts the Plate ID content (stored as metadata in the LENX file) into the actual production data of the LENX file while at the same time applying the correct Plate ID pattern.
  • Afterwards cropping and adding margins can be done by means of the Crop LEN File and the Add Margins to LEN File tasks.
  • The Submit to Plate Merger, Create Merged Plate and Submit to Flexo Device tasks can be used as usual to create a merged plate LENX. 
Automation Engine documentation
Imaging Engine21.11

RIP phase

The Plate ID content is added as metadata to the output separations in LENX format. This is done by the Image to Screened Separations task.

Imaging Engine 21.11 user guide

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