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The first automatic trapping functionality was introduced to Adobe® Illustrator® users many years ago. The Adobe Illustrator user sends a document to Automation Engine for trapping the file and then load the result onto the initial document.

This method/product is called PowerTrapper Client (because the server does the work).

In 2020, we introduced the next generation of automatic trapper (just called “Trapper”). Because this new trapping technology is built on native PDF, technical dependencies resulted in the client version taking us longer to release. To not hold back the benefits of the new trapper from PowerTrapper Client users, as a temporary measure the PowerTrapper Client was able to trap automatically without the server.

With the release of version 21.07 the gap is closed, and the Trapper Client can use the new trapper technology via Automation Engine. We’ve switched back to the normal client behavior that now requires the user to send the Job to Automation Engine for trapping.


After upgrading to version 21.07 or newer, "Trapper" is grayed out and shows as unlicensed or is not present at all or is present but Automatic Trapping is not available.


Trapping on the Automation Engine server is still possible via: Esko > PowerTrapper > Launch Trap Task or Esko > Trapper > Launch Trap Task, depending on the document mode (Normalized PDF mode or PDF+ mode). DeskPack must be configured to connect to an Automation Engine server.

Or, if you wish to trap locally, contact Sales for a quote for a PowerTrapper for Illustrator Standalone license.

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