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We moved Image Resampling to be handled directly by Imaging Engine using JDF parameters so that the old IEPR infrastructure could be removed and do all Image Resampling on the Imaging Engine machine.

These changes led to a difference in JDF, as the JDF now also includes Image Resampling in the PreProcessing part.

We want to be able to pre-process PDF files in various ways to assist in correct or improved rendering of the file in various ways. This pre-processing is done using an Esko-written framework, but we control it in JDF and invoke the processing from within Imaging Engine for a seamless user experience, and to ensure that the processing can be done on the same hardware that Imaging Engine itself is running on. To this end we add a new element to the JDF “Types” list at the start of the document: Preprocessing parameters contain a section for each pre-processing action to be performed.

Which leads to these possibilities in the JDF for Image Resampling:






Target image resolution

Example (job output resolution = 2540 2540):

"2540 2540" => images are resampled to the same as the device resolution

“1270 1270” => images are resampled to half the device resolution (1 image pixel = 2x2 device pixels)



Scaling to be applied



Cubic Lanczos Linear Nearest



All : images + softmasks

Images : images (but no softmasks)

<eg:PreProcessingParams Class="Parameter" Status="Available" ID="r_ppid">
   <eg:ImageResampling Class="Parameter" Status="Available" Resolution="2540 2540" Scale="1.0 1.0" Interpolation="Cubic" SourceObjects="All"/>
</eg:PreProcessingParams >

Beside of that these changes led to two further improvements for the customers like performing multiple Image Resampling tasks at the same time (based on the amount of available free workers, before it was just one after each other) and the possibility to cancel Image Resampling, as this was not possible before.

The task process has been also changed from "Resampling Images..." to "Image Resampling".

old way:

new way:

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