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The JMX console provides a raw view into the micro kernel of the JBoss Application Server. 

You can use the JMX console to do the following:

  • Check the number of messages waiting in the JMS queue.
  • Flush the JMS queue.

For more extensive information, see: E-Mail Troubleshooting in the WebCenter Documentation.


To inspect the mail queue, perform the following:

  1. Open the Wildfly administrator console.
    1. This can be done by connecting to the Application server and using the url: localhost:1090.

      By default the management interface is only deployed on the localhost network adapter, and thus can only be reached from localhost.

      To log in to the management console you can use: username --> BGSYSTEM; password --> the BGSYSTEM user password.

  2. Navigate through the interface to the WCRMailQueue.
    1. Click the Runtime tab.
    2. Navigate to Standalone Server > Subsystems > Messaging - ActiveMQ
  3. Click the View option. This will open the JMS Messaging provider. Currently we are only using the default one, so click View again in the Option column. This will open the metrics view.
  4. Select the WCRMailQueue.

The Queue Metrics section gives you more information about the current state of the queue.

You can flush the currently selected queue by clicking the Flush button.

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