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Attribute values of latest document versions in the Libraries are updated with attribute values of old version when user makes document reference point to latest version.


  • Inside a task, you have a Document Reference, e.g. Artwork, with another document reference e.g. Template pointing to selected version and update it to the latest version (standard functionality).
  • The attribute values in the child document Attribute Category are not updated. It still displays the attribute values of the older version.
  • On saving or completion of the task showing the latest version, it is updated with the attribute values of the old version.
  • The newest version of a document is updated with the attribute values of the old version. This has serious consequences, since also the document Lifecycle state attribute is reverted and set back from Approved to New Version Approved. The document cannot be selected in an update workflow, since the search behind the docsource only searches for Approved Documents.

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