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Creating and using the Groups feature.



When an organization opts for Dynamic Subscriptions, Esko provides subscriptions to users within that organization based on the purchased quantity. Groups help the organization to easily assign and manage the subscriptions to their users.

Creating, adding and accessing Groups

  • Groups can be created by the organization owners (top level) and the Esko Support team members.
  • You can assign managers to each group to add members to the group or remove them.

Creating a group

  1. Login to the system in any role.
  2. Navigate to the GROUPS tab.
  3. You will be able to see the groups available in your organization in the form of a table.
  4. If your role is organization owner, you will be able to see the CREATE GROUP button at the top right corner, above the table.

    Esko support team members will also be able to view this.

  5. Click the CREATE GROUP button to view and enter the group details:
  6. Enter a Group Name. This name should be unique within the organization.
  7. Enter a Description for the group. 
  8. As the group is created within the organization that the user belongs to, the Company Code selection is disabled and the default organization, i.e., the current name is shown.

Adding members to a group

  1. Once the group is created, it is listed in the table as shown below:
  2. Click the Manage link under ACTIONS, to add members to a group or delete them.
  3. You will be navigated to a page where you can view the details of existing members.
  4.  Click the ADD MEMBERS button.
  5. The ADD GROUP MEMBERS dialog appears. 
  6. Here, you can add new members to the group.
  7. You can add single/multiple members by entering a valid Esko ID. To add multiple members, the Esko ID's should be separated by a comma or a semicolon.
  8. Click the ADD button. If the ID is valid, it'll appear in the MANAGE MEMBERS list.
  9. Click the ADD MEMBERS button to confirm adding the member(s) to the group.

Removing members from a group

  1. When a member is added to a group, the Remove from group option becomes available. 
  2. Click it to remove the corresponding member from the group.

Editing the details of a group

  1. You can change the name and description of the group, if required. The following screenshot shows which option you can use to edit the name and description.
  2. Click the Manage Group option to open the MANAGE GROUP dialog.
  3. You can change the Name and Description and click EDIT GROUP. The changes will be reflected immediately.

Adding Group Managers to a group

  1. You can add group managers to the group using the MANAGE GROUP MANAGERS option.
  2. Click MANAGE GROUP MANAGERS to add details of one or more managers you want to add.
  3. Click SAVE MANAGERS to add them to the group.

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