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If you have to add multiple members to different groups, it will become a tedious job to add the users one by one to each group. You can avoid this by adding members in bulk to different groups within the organization hierarchy, using the Bulk Add To Groups feature to add multiple members at once to a group.


Accessing bulk import of members

Organization owners can add members to their locations and sub locations.

Esko ID Support team will also be able to do this.

Prerequisites for importing members in bulk

  1. Use an existing Company code and Group when you try to add members using bulk import.
  2. The Esko ID you want to add to groups should be present in the organization.

Adding members to sub locations within an organization hierarchy

The organization owner of the main location can add members to all groups of all the sub locations within an organization hierarchy. In the above example: 

  • The Organization owner of Company 1 can add members to the groups in all its sub locations, i.e., Company 1, Company 2, Company 3, Company 4 and Company 5.
  • The Organization owner of Company 2 can add members only to sub location groups of Company 2, Company 3 and Company 4.
  • The Organization owners of Companies 3, 4, 5 can add members to groups within their respective companies only.

Adding members in bulk

  1. Login to the Esko ID portal as the organization owner/ Esko ID support member.
  2. Navigate to the Groups tab.

    If you are an Esko ID support member, you need to impersonate as the user of the organization which needs bulk addition.

  3. Click the three vertical dots next to Create Group.
  4. The Bulk Add To Groups button appears which you can use to add members in bulk.
  5. Click the Bulk Add To Groups button.
  6. In the next page that appears, you can start adding users in bulk.
  7. You can upload a csv file containing information of the members.

    A sample excel is available in the link 'template file with sample data here' as shown in the above image. The user can download the template and fill the info to avoid column name errors.

  8. The csv file accepts the Esko ID, Group Name and Company Code.
  9. After filling the excel sheet, you can click the Browse button to select the csv. The file name will appear in the text box after it is selected.
  10. Click the IMPORT FROM CSV button. The system starts validating and displays valid and invalid records as shown here.
  11. Only invalid records are highlighted in red. When you hover your mouse over the invalid records, a pop-up appears showing the reason for the record being invalid.
  12. You can either modify the excel sheet and upload again or remove the invalid records by clicking the Delete link corresponding to each record.
  13. If all the records are valid, the ADD MEMBERS gets enabled.
  14. Click the ADD MEMBERS button to add the members to the corresponding groups.

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