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There is a hidden/experimental feature to search the content of SmartNames. This feature can be unlocked by editing the startup parameters in the Pilot shortcut (available on Windows only) following the below procedure.

With this feature, a user can list all SmartNames that use a given string of characters in a Script SmartName, XPath SmartName, ... 

A good example where this feature could be helpful is to find which SmartNames contain constructs that will no longer work with the updated XMP structure. See:

There is no content with the specified labels


  1. Right-click the 'Automation Engine Pilot' shortcut to edit its Properties.
    • The Target field should look like: C:\Esko\bg_prog_fastservercltnt_v181\jre\bin\javaw.exe -Xmx2560m"C:\Esko\bg_data_fastservercltnt_v100\" -jar "C:\Esko\bg_prog_fastservercltnt_v181\classes\pilot2.jar"
  2. Insert the startup parameter as follows:
    • C:\Esko\bg_prog_fastservercltnt_v181\jre\bin\javaw.exe -Xmx2560m"C:\Esko\bg_data_fastservercltnt_v100\" -jar "C:\Esko\bg_prog_fastservercltnt_v181\classes\pilot2.jar"
  3. Click Apply > OK.
  4. Startup the Pilot using the modified shortcut.
  5. In the SmartNames view, use the Show search criteria menu item (shortcut Ctrl+f ). The drop-down list of search criteria will now show Content.

This feature in future versions

Content search for SmartNames will become available as a general feature as of Automation Engine 23.03.

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Automation Engine 16.1 until 23.03



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