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On a Mac, when working with files that are placed in a Esko Job folder, the files are not written back to the Esko Job folder when the workflow is complete.


When launching a workflow via the Shuttle Client in Adobe® Illustrator®, the name of the job should appear in the Launch Workflow window. If it does not, then Shuttle Client is not recognizing the job folder.

If you connect to the File Server via SMB instead of AFP, the job folder is honored.


The problem is related to how the AFP share is mounted on Mac system. Show Info for this share shows the following: afp://Mac_Server._afpovertcp._tcp.local/Drobo (Drobo is the name of the server in this example).

But, it needs to look like this: afp://Mac_Server/Drobo.

Contact your system administrator to correct this specific "mounting" issue.

The share needs to be mounted before you launch Adobe® Illustrator®.

An alternative solution is to connect to your File and DeskPack Servers via SMB.


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