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How to create and add layers that will be readily available in a new file when created?

The layers that are regularly used in files can be added to the template and made available automatically when a new file is created.


This can be achieved by creating a template file with the required layers added to it. Procedure to do this is as follows:

  1. Create a new blank file and add the required layers.
  2. Save this file with a desired name (here, Layer Template) and close.
  3. In ArtiosCAD, go to Options > Defaults…
  4. In the Defaults window, browse to Style Catalog. Right-click Style Catalog and click New > Data.

  5. Give an appropriate name to this "Data” and press ENTER.
  6. Double-click the new “Data field” and locate the saved Layer Template file by clicking the “” button. Click OK.

  7. Save the Defaults by clicking File > Save in the Defaults window. This adds the template to the Style Catalog.
  8. In the Defaults window, go to Single design parameter sets > Artios.
  9. Select the appropriate category (Corrugated or Folding Carton with units) where you wish to use the new template.
  10.  Select Single design parameters and expand it.
  11. Expand Startup defaults.
  12. Double-click New Design Template.
  13. Check the option Use design template and select the added template (Layer Template).
  14. Click OK and save the defaults as described in step 7.
  15. Repeat procedure 8 to 14 if you wish to use this template for other categories as well.

More information

You can create a template from an already existing file by following the procedure described in Steps 8 to 14.


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Applies toArtiosCAD all versions
Last revised3-Jul-13
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