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Some users get "Loading failed" message in the My Work page of WebCenter.


The My Work page may sometimes display the following message:

"Loading failed"

"Laden fehlgeschlagen"

It's does not always happen and can vary for different people.


The "Loading failed" message appears when it is not possible to load the information from the server within the time given to load the section (mostly 30 seconds). This typically happens because of one of following causes:

  • In case the section is a saved search section or another non-built-in section, it is possible that the definition in My Work setup is no longer correct. In that case, the section will fail loading for all users (who have this section). Double check the My Work setup. For example, if it's a saved search section, double check that the saved search is still defined and run it once as a normal saved search to see whether it works.
  • When you rapidly navigate away from the My Work page, the sections which were not loaded by then will get "Loading Failed" message on certain browsers (notably Chrome).
    • This is harmless so no solution is needed. 
  • Loading may be very slow when the network connection is slow. This will also be visible on other pages which load slowly or also show errors (for example, an Ajax time out in the attribute pages). It will typically only affect certain users (who have a poor connection). Improve your network connection.
  • Loading may be very slow when the number of items are very large. This is most likely in My Tasks. You can diminish the number of items by using the filters. For saved searches on the home page, you can use the search result preferences in System preferences or in the user's preferences. WebCenter 12.1 (releasing in June 2013) has several optimizations for My Tasks and also other sections (saved searches) load much faster. Consider upgrading if you did not already. 
  • Loading may be very slow because the server is under pressure by other load or IT problems make the server perform poorly. This will also be noticeable on other pages and it will bother all users of the system. Contact IT to troubleshoot the server's behavior.
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Last revised25-Apr-13
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