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When you use Remote Desktop to connect to a computer that runs Esko applications with local licenses, the applications do not work because they cannot use their local licenses from a terminal services session.


Esko applications using local licenses cannot operate within a terminal services session, because they cannot use their local licenses.
Enfocus products can use local licenses within a terminal services session, except for PitStop Pro 09 and lower.

When you connect to a computer using Remote Desktop from either a PC or a Mac, your Windows session is in fact a terminal services session and the application will not load its license.

How to check if you are running a terminal services session:

  1. Open the Windows Command Prompt, via Start > CMD.
  2. Type the following command and press Enter key:
    set session

For the licenses to be accessible, the following message must be displayed:


If it shows anything else
(example when it shows something starting with RDP-),
then you are connected via a terminal services session and the Esko application will not be able to work.


You can:

  • Log off from that 'Remote Desktop' session and log on to the computer locally instead of using a remote desktop session.
  • Connect via Teamviewer, VNC or another remote control application that does not require a terminal services session.
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Esko all software products (using local licenses)

Last revised11-Apr-13
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  1. Nexus will not start when see RDP -