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In order to address the performance and stability issues in Automation Engine 12.0.1, PackEdge/Plato 12.0.1, some recommended hotfixes are created for these products. These hotfixes can be downloaded from

Hotfix 56 (1202056) for Automation Engine and PackEdge / Plato

Hotfix 56 is the most important hotfix which includes both hotfix 30 and hotfix 46.

  • For Automation Engine: This hotfix solves several problems that cause the slow start of tasks, processing PDF files. This hotfix solves several problems that cause the viewer sessions to be slow, when viewing PDF files with deep zoom.

  • For PackEdge / Plato: The hotfix solves the slow starting of the applications. The font-cache data reading performance is optimized for Windows 7 systems.

  • Dependencies:

    Hotfix 56 includes all the fixes from hotfix 30 and 46. Hence, do not install hotfix 30 or hotfix 46 after installing hotfix 56.

    Hotfix 30: Running many concurrent tasks can slow down the system.

    Hotfix 46: Preflighting or viewing secured PDF files may take long.

Hotfix 36 (1202036) for Automation Engine

The Automation Engine Server might slow down considerably or even come to halt, when there are many (> 50) Automation Engine Pilot connections.

Hotfix 68 (1202068) for Automation Engine ServerAdmin

The ServerAdmin (egwebsrv.exe) continues to consume CPU when browser windows are left open.

Hotfix 72 (1202072) for Automation Engine viewer

The Automation Engine Viewer can become slow or unresponsive, and might require the application server to be restarted.


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Automation Engine 12.0.1

PackEdge 12.0.1

Plato 12.0.1

Last revised29-Apr-13
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