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When launching FastImpose (after upgrade or installing on a new workstation or rebooting the workstation), it is not possible to connect to bg_cms.


FastImpose does not start up, you get an error "Cannot connect to bg_cms".


Check first point 1, if that is ok, check point 2 followed by point 3:
  1. Make sure you have a connection to the shares of the Automation Engine Server. See this article for more information:
  2. Move or delete the cfg files from FastImpose.
  3. Make sure there is a BG_SERVER environment system variable (in case of version 12 or older):
    1. Go to  Automation Engine Select Server 12 and fill in the name of the Automation Engine Server.
    2. If there is still no bg_server environment variable, you can add it manually: new system variable BG_SERVER with value name of the Automation Engine Server.
  4. For versions newer then v12: setup the FastImpose workstation as Server base application so FastImpose looks to the Server for the CMS directory.
    1. Switch your FastImpose application to server mode by double clicking the BAT file Switch2Server.bat from this directory: C:\Esko\bg_prog_fastimposent_v140\com_win.
    2. Restart FastImpose.
    3. You will need to fill in the Network server and close the application.
    4. Restart FastImpose again and fill in the Automation Engine Server if needed.
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FastImpose 12.0

FastImpose 14.x

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