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How can you combine the different labels (top, bottom, round, etc) in one visualizer file?
This article explains the workflow which existed before Visualizer 12.0.1, where the Merge feature was introduced. For Visualizer 12.0.1 and newer, there is another article, KB73059253: Studio Toolkit and Studio Visualizer - Multipart Workflows, explaining the preferred workflow.


Let’s take the example from the Labels Demo Movie on the Esko website.

For this jar with four labels, you will have ten files in the end:
• The collada file, created with Studio Toolkit for Labels.
• Four artwork files, one for each label.
• Four Visualizer files, one for each label (this is not really necessary, but it can save you time in some cases).
• A collada file that combines everything (called Result.zae in the description below).

Structural Design File

Make a collada file in the Studio Toolkit for Labels that has four labels, save it as Jar with Labels.dae.


Prepare the artwork in separate files: One Adobe® Illustrator® document for every label. Make sure the collada file is placed in each of the artwork document (each time selecting another printable part):

Prepare the first label in Visualizer

In Adobe® Illustrator®, choose File > Open in Visualizer. This should create a Visualizer model with three blank and one printed label. Use your Visualizer tools to choose the substrate and tweak the appearance of that label. It is recommended that you save your work (e.g. front label.evz).

Now choose Export 3D File for Viewing (the rightmost button in the toolbar, or in the Export menu) and save as a ZAE collada file: Result.zae. You can close the Visualizer document now.

Prepare the second label

Switch back to Adobe® Illustrator®, open the artwork for the second label.

Again, choose File > Open in Visualizer. You will see in the Visualizer the jar with one printed label and three blank labels. Set the right substrate and tweak the inks if needed. It is recommended that you save your work (e.g. top label.evz)

Now you can combine the two label artworks: Choose File > Import into and select the Result.zae file. You will be asked to choose a printable part. Pick the label that you just worked on (i.e., the second label).

You should now see both labels together.

In the operation stack you can only change the materials of the second label (that’s the one that is ‘alive’). As with the first label, export the result to the Collada file Result.zae.

Prepare the third and the fourth label

Repeat the previous step for the remaining labels. In the end you have artwork on all the parts. Don’t forget to export these to Result.zae.

How to update one of the labels

If you need to change the artwork on one of the labels, you return to that Adobe® Illustrator® document and do your changes. Then go to File > Open In Visualizer. In Visualizer you go to File > Import Into and load the Result.zae.

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Studio Visualizer 12.0

Studio Visualizer 10.x

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